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ASAP Pressure Cleaning & Softwash Business for Sale

$27,500 Negotiable Tugun Gold Coast QLD

ASAP Pressure Cleaning and Softwash Services, A Gold Coast & Tweed Coast established Business is up For Sale due to Medical reasons with the owner/operator.

The Business is set up to cover all aspects of external cleaning.

You have the power of high water pressure for those jobs that need the force of a HONDA GX 390 - is capable of 4800psi max pressure and has a 21Ltr per minute Italian pump that WILL get the job done

Also attached to the trailer is a 100Ltr Chemical Tank with a 12v 60psi 20Lpm pump and battery that is charged with a Anderson plug charging the battery whilst driving.

A 50 Mtr reel of high grade chemical hose for those gentle Softwash cleans were the chemicals will do the work for you, after the chems have done the work we rinse the area clean with fresh water.

There is a 30Mtrs high pressure reel and 30 Mtrs of 6000psi non marking high pressure hose, there is also 3 x 10Mtr add on sections of high pressure hose, for those jobs were it just dont reach.

A 50mtr Hose and Reel for the rinsing process of the Softwash Cleans.

There is a 200Ltr buffer tank that gavity feeds the pressure cleaner, the tank is constantly suppied by a 40Mtr hose and reel that runs to the supply tap at the property.

There is 4 LED spot lights attached to the trailer for any night work.

The Trailer is Full Aluminium checkerplate, meaning no rust ever.

The roof on the trailer raises for easy access to the equipment.

The trailer has a built in switch board to control the spot lights and 12V pump, there is spare Anderson, 12V and USB sockets for extra equipment if needed.

There is a 1500W x 600D x 1200H checkerplate lockable toolbox attached to the trailer, the toolbox has 3 lockable drawers for tools and equipment and a large upper section to house the 3 x whirlaways 21" stainless steel, Mosmatic a 15" and another 15" spare also stored in the top section is various sized High Pressure Guns 1500mm, 1200mm, 900mm, 700mm and a 500mm stumpy gun all guns and lances have all the fittings ready to go.

All high pressure tips that you require are on board with 2 complete sets for spares also 2 Turbo 4000psi head tips and many more spares for those just in case moments. To many to list all.

There is 2 Extention ladders, 1 x single story extention ladder and 1 x two storey extention ladder. Both ladders have outrigers for stability, leaning on the surface to stop slidding, They also have stabising legs on the base of the ladder to stop any movement, very safe. Always look after your safety theres only one you.

There is a 2 storey extention pole, gun and harness for those hard to reach places, also various lances and attachments for different jobs.

There is a flashing orange light with a magnetic base for the trailer or tow vehicle, Safety tape for those areas you need to block off and 10 x witches hats to show your professionalism.

There is a Spare Pressure Cleaner that comes with the business

A JETUSA, 20HP, 5000psi machine in the frame and on wheels. The pump on this machine requires a service or replacement. $283 on ebay.

The Business Name and Logo: ASAP Pressure Cleaning and Softwash Services also comes with the sale, Name Transfer on sale.

The established web site: www.asappressurecleaning.com.au is also included; however, may need some SEO attention to get it ranking back up at page one, due to being off injured i havent been giving it any attention. All access on sale.

If Required, i will Train/Educate the new owner on the Softwash process eg: the mixing of different strengths of the Softwash chemicals that is required for different surfaces to be cleaned.

Softwashing is the new way of cleaning, no longer do people want 4000 to 5000psi of pressure on there roof, the Softwash process lets the chemicals do the work of cleaning and killing any infestation thats on the surface, the surface is simply rinsed clean with fresh water removing the chemical.

The Business has the protential to be a great money earner, with a two man crew. Please call / text 0432 465 784 (English)

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